• Art Baugrund für Mehrfamilienhäuser
  • Lage Zabljak
  • Kaufpreis 1.900.000,00
  • Grundstück ca. 45.000
  • Immobilien-ID 6583


The subject of this Offer is contain land located 2km of center of town of Zabljak with total area of 45.000 sqm, with nice forest (different kind of trees).
This land owns all conditions for profitable investments, especialy because the Government of Montenegro takes care and special efforts to support development of tourism at the north of country. Therefore, the Government of Montenegro has decided to exempt investors at the north from paying utility fees. At the same time, there is possibility to submit almost 20 aplications for economy citizenship by this investment.
The subject of this offer is a land which has Urban-Tchnical Conditions (hereinafter: UTC) from The secretariat for planning landscaping and environmental protection of Municipality Zabljak (No. 352/15- 04-328, dated: 28/04/2015) and based on that document investor who will buy this land has to submit a project in according to this UTC and request for consturction permit which takes a short time (if we have in our mind that this is investment at the north of Montenegro).


Zabljak is the city on the highest
Žabljak is centre of Montenegro's mountain
altitude of the Balkans.
located at the altitude of
1456 m. Located in the very centre of mountain of Durmitor – and in the
middle of Durmitor National Park.
Zabljak represents the good destination for winter tourism, but for many tourists, this unique city is best choice for summer holiday.
In its vicinity there is the deepest canyon in Europe, magnificent canyon of the Tara River. This little city in the north of Montenegro surrounded by numerous lakes and
a number of mountain tops. For its natural beauties emerging at each step Zabljak attracts a large number of visitors during the summer.

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